Sunday, June 1, 2008


The rainy season is about to start in central Mexico. For about five months straight, there will be a downpour every afternoon. Some days it may rain lightly all day long, but most of the time there is sunshine in the mornings and precipitation starts around 4 or 5PM.
The landscape turns green within days after the first rains and the moisture in the air creates beautiful atmospheric layers.
This is a great season for plein air painting, especially if you like to do clouds. The light can get very interesting in those last moments before the clouds burst and since oil does not mix with water, I don´t worry if the rain catches up with me.
As long as the car is near!


Leslie Taylor said...

I love the rainy season in Mexico!!
All the negative ions flying through the air...must make for a great painting session. "Clouds" definitely conveys the FEELING of being there, close to downpour time.
Thank you!

Ilse T.Hable said...

Thanks, Leo!