Monday, April 14, 2008

Trends in Art

Art is not exempt from fashion.
Every time has its preferences and trends and, most people, with few exceptions, follow them.
The last century has seen its share of abstract or non representational art, some of it exceptional, some of it bad, some hardly art at all, but as long as it is in fashion, everything goes.
Now it looks like realism begins to have a comeback.
Recently, work which is shocking, offensive, violent, or which otherwise causes raised eyebrows is being favored by the critics.
Novelty at all cost - but is it art?
I choose to paint representationally, because I feel attracted to the (often hidden) beauty nature has to offer. There is plenty of tragedy and ugliness in the daily news, I don´t need to contribute to that. Besides, I am convinced that it is within the human condition to crave beauty.


sandy said...

That is beautiful! And I agree about human nature craving beauty..

my company just left that was here for the weekend. I haven't forgotten about the link thing, just no time.

I really like that painting.


Ilse T.Hable said...

Hi Sandy,
Thank you very much, I made this little plein air painting in a very arid, mountainous area of Hidalgo, near one of the poorest communities of Mexico. Nothing much grows there, erosion is doing its thing, but it was a nice, sunny day and after driving around for a while, I found this proud little bush showing off its color as if to say - I like it here! Made my day.